Network Access Controller (NAC)

Move Thousands of Transactions – Quickly, Securely and Accurately

With the right networking hardware technology and communications infrastructure, merchants can deliver the performance, speed, security, reporting capabilities and data capacity to move thousands of transactions. Verifone's IntelliNAC delivers electronic transactions to support the high-density, multi-function of multiple payment environments.

IntelliNAC offers next generation networking and a communications infrastructure necessary to achieve connectivity within the POS environment. It supports Hot Swap functionality for expansion of deployed products without interrupting your current operation. It also supports Logging Records to provide details about payment transactions. IntelliNAC manages security levels to support multi-zone data encryption and movement of thousands of transactions.


TFG places control back into the hands of IT administrators and helps to ensure a secure, productive and safe computing environment.

Benefits with IntelliNAC

High Security

  • Manage Security By Zone
  • Software Authentication
  • Hardware Authentication
  • Full Encryption
  • SSL Gateway
  • Risk Management
  • EFTsec Server Support

Highly Manageable

  • Email Alerting
  • Chassis Management
  • Extended Diagnostics
  • Transaction Filtering
  • Statistical Reporting
  • SNMP Agents

Extended Design

  • Designed for Value Added Applications
  • Fault Tolerant Software

Business Advantage

  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Capacity
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Flexible Expansion
  • Customizable
  • Highly Serviceable
  • Lower Cost Of Ownership
  • Support For Open Standards
  • Adopt Emerging Standards

We Offer Fully Managed Hosted NAC Solution

We’ll work together to make sure you have the best solution for your business, the best rates we can provide, and the best customer service available.