Merchant Management


TFG also offers merchant or agent recruitment services to financial and non-financial acquirers including onsite deployment, terminal initialization & activation, merchant training & placement of marketing collateral.


TFG is the largest third-party merchant management service provider in Pakistan. We currently serve more than 9000 retail locations in 23 cities across Pakistan, with our reach expanding on a daily basis.

Trained field technicians provide onsite support and level 1 repairs; regular visits for relationship management, preventive maintenance, paper roll replenishment, cheque deliveries, etc. TFG also maintains a 24/7 Customer Interaction Center for on-call support and complaint logging.


Improve Operational Efficiencies
Minimize bottleneck management and backtracking of work when working with an experienced team that utilizes sequential operating processes.

Reduce Costs
With TFG’s trained and specialized team’s presence in over 23 cities across Pakistan, outsourcing can significantly reduce your operational costs.

Transparency & Control
Web-based dashboards provide you with real-time insight into relevant information from any location.

Scale Your Business
It’s far easier to scale or contract your network without having to worry about resource allocation.


We’ll work together to make sure you have the best solution for your business, the best rates we can provide, and the best customer service available.